What To Do Before, During, and After A Hurricane

By Jeffrey Jones

While many natural disasters can adversely impact your emotional state and the condition of your home, hurricanes can have a uniquely debilitating effect. However, being prepared for a hurricane can help you limit stress and reduce the amount of storm damage done to your residential property. With that in mind, be sure that you utilize the hurricane prevention strategies outlined below:

Before A Hurricane
• Make a plan with your family and create an emergency kit featuring all of the supplies you’ll need to survive.
• Familiarize yourself with your surroundings.
• Identify dams and levees and figure out if they will present a significant challenge to you.
• Learn more about your evacuation routes and how you can locate higher ground.
• Cover your home’s windows.
• Install straps or clips to secure the roof to its frame. This will significantly reduce the likelihood of roof damage.
• Be sure the shrubs and trees around your property are trimmed. This will make them more resistant to strong winds.
• Clear clogged and loose downspouts and rain gutters.
• Determine where and how to secure your boat.
• Bring outdoor objects inside and close your storm shutters.
• Ensure that you have a significant supply of water for purposes such as flushing and cleaning toilets.
• Turn off your propane tanks.
• Install a generator.Hurricane

During A Hurricane
• Listen to the radio for updates, information, and instructions.
• Refrain from phone use unless there is an emergency.
• Keep clear of windows, glass doors and skylights.
• Avoid using electrical appliances.
• Do not go outside.

After A Hurricane
• Listen to the weather or local news radio to attain additional updates.
• Return to the property only when the authorities say that you can.
• Inspect the property for damages. Also be sure that you take pictures of all the damages for insurance purposes. If you’re uncertain about whether any housing issue poses a threat to safety, be sure to contact a structural engineer or building inspector prior to entering the home.

Call A Professioanl Restoration Company!
While hurricanes can cause stress and structural damage to your residential property, being prepared for the natural disaster can limit both of these adverse consequences. In addition to utilizing the helpful tips and tricks outlined above, be sure that you have the number of a professional storm damage restoration company on hand. These companies specialize in providing the cleanup and repair services necessary to restore your home to its original condition after a hurricane.

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