Mold Damage And Remediation In Florida

By Jeffrey Jones

The first time someone suspects there is a mold problem in their home is usually when they pick up a whiff of that distinctive, musty odor. After years in this business, I have found that it is a good indicator, but it also means that mold has already taken hold somewhere inside.

The only sure way to find mold in your home is to hire a professional mold remediation service to look in every location where there might be enough moisture to allow spores to expand and grow. To clean up mold damage in Florida homes, we need to determine where it is growing and what may be feeding it.

As a restoration technician, I learned that even a small, steady drip from a leaking pipe in the attic could provide enough moisture to grow a mold colony. As an inspector, I have seen that colony find its way behind a wall and spread across bathroom and laundry room ceilings. It happens because the mold is searching for food. Believe it or not, the preferred source is your house itself! Mold grows into building material, like drywall, very quickly. Most other surfaces in your home, mold simply grows across.

When the mold has grown into the material, the most cost-efficient method for one of our customers is for us to remove the affected section. Cutting away pieces of infested drywall is hard, and it is still necessary to purchase an entire panel.

Surface mold is much easier to remove. In most cases, one of my work crews can wipe down building material and personal property with only dry cloths and perhaps use a spray bottle filled with water. For thicker amounts of mold, we might use a cleaner that contains an antimicrobial chemical. It also allows us to kill the mold as we remove it.

If the surface is very rough (wood and marble for example), I might start the task with a vacuum using a HEPA filter. These specially-designed filters are made to catch even a single spore. They are very efficient and help break up thick growths as well.

Cleaning up mold damage in your Florida is not a simple process, but the right work crew can put your home back together for you and your family. If you see mold or smell that musty odor in your home, call a professional restoration and remediation company for the best possible results.


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