Hurricane Damage And Your Shattered Florida Home

By Jeffrey Jones

Finding a competent restoration service after hurricane damage besets your Florida home can save you from financial problems in the future. It also makes things safe for your family much sooner than doing the work yourself could accomplish.

Hurricanes come to Florida with super-strong winds that can shred any home’s exterior, and leave the interior open to extensive damages. Removing and disposing of damaged materials, cleaning up debris, and staying safe require specialized disaster response skills. Attempting such work without the experience from other jobs, as well as lacking support from others, can lead to severe accidents, the additional loss of property, or worse.

Structural supports inside a home can become severely weak from the onslaught during a hurricane. Trained crews often use temporary supports systems. These ensure that the weight from above does not become a problem and cause a floor to collapse. Walls, especially interior ones, can also fall in and cause injuries.

Removing damaged materials must take place so the installation of new materials can take place. Overall, humidity inside a home continues to fluctuate. This stops with the installation of new windows, and the interior is completely closed off from the exterior. Windows, doors, roofing, and even walls need rebuilding after extensive hurricane damage. When the home is once again sealed appropriately, drying with proper machinery and techniques can take place.

Workers use machinery that restores dryness on the interior of homes, so new materials are not at risk of damage from microbial infestation or dry rot. Carpeting laid on a floor that still contains moisture is at high risk of mold, degradation of padding, and dry rot – all from an entirely preventable situation.

Plumbing, gas lines, and electrical components must all be functioning for the final touches to take place, also. Once these are complete, drywall finishing takes place. Painting and detailing of moldings in your home help finish everything.

If your Florida home has suffered from hurricane damage, contacting a crew with experience in restoring homes after significant disasters is the first step in clean up, mitigation, and rebuilding.


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